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Brochures printing – What to choose digital or Offset?

In spite of the immense popularity of feature-rich online marketing tactics, brochures act as a crucial part of the conventional printed marketing mix. A well-designed brochure, with a crisp and quality content, form an effective strategy for creating brand awareness and convey information about products and services to a wider audience. However, a full-fledged printing process is required to create a brochure with an eye-catchy visual appeal and an impactful layout.

Both offset and digital act as efficient methods for brochure printing in Sydney. Each of these has specific set of benefits catering to different project’s requirements. Offset printing methodologies mostly make use of aluminum plates. These plates function as a transferring tool that copies an image onto a rubber “blanket”, and further pasting (rolling)that image on a paper sheet. It enables exact color reproduction as well as accurate, clear and effective printing.

In contrast with the offset printing technology, digital printing in Sydney or anywhere else doesn’t use plates. Rather they use other alternatives like toner in case of laser printers or liquid ink in larger printers. The digital method of printing is effective in case of lesser number of printed copies. Another important advantage of the digital method is its flexible content capability.

Both digital and offset are effective methods for brochure printing, leaflet printing and to print business cards in Sydney. For better insights on choosing between the two, here is a list of benefits associated with each method:

Different benefits associated with digital printing of brochures:

• You can decide the number of copies as per your requirements
• Offers quicker turn around on projects with low investments
• No fixed number on the minimum order of copies
• Allows flexibility of content
• Enables customized application including themes, color printing styles, unique paper and sizes

Various advantages of Offset Printing of brochures:

• Offset Printing ensures high-quality and effective printing, highlight the details in an effective manner while enabling color fidelity.
• If you need large number of copies, offset printing is the best option as it is quite cost-effective
• The overall cost associated with every copy decreases with an increase in the number of copies
• One can use various types of papers having unique designs, finishes and texture in accordance with the content theme
• Customized inks like metallic and pan-tone colors can be used

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